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School of Art Print Center

For Best Printing Results

File Formats

  • The Print Center can print PSD, JPEG, TIFF, and PDF files.
  • Photoshop files must be flattened to one layer and should not exceed a resolution of 360 pixels per inch.
  • Non-rasterized/outlined fonts must be from the standard Adobe Creative Suite or Apple fonts selections. The Print Center will not install special fonts for individual jobs.
  • Full-bleed prints are only supported for raster (pixels) files output on roll paper. Even then minor trimming may be necessary.

Color Space and Resolution

  • Our Epson printer drivers and profiles are designed to work best in the RGB color space. CMYK files may exhibit somewhat inaccurate color.
  • Printing from Photoshop offers the best color accuracy, so use Photoshop whenever possible.
  • Don't embed color profiles into your files. The Print Center will ignore them and use the profiles that go with the paper you have chosen.
  • For best results we recommend using images of 360 ppi (pixels per inch). This is because the maximum resolution for the Epson printers we use is 2880 dpi (dots per inch) and each pixel from your image is composed of many printer dots. Since 360 is an even division of 2880 it constitutes the "sweet spot" in image resolution at which you achieve the maximum sharpness with best color accuracy. Higher resolutions than 360 ppi don't help and may slow down the printing process.

Document Dimensions

Know the dimensions of your document. Files that turn out to be larger than what you ordered will be put on hold until we are able to contact you to resolve the discrepancy.

Other Important Information


The Print Center can only accept payment via I.D. cards or Beach Club gift cards, and you must have sufficient funds on your card when you place an order with the Print Center. Funds can be transfered to your University I.D. at the Art Store or using the "Value Transfer Stations" (VTS) found in these locations:

  • University Library, one behind the elevators and one on the lower level
  • University Student Union, just outside the food court
  • Horn Center, across form computer lab
  • University Dining Plaza, outside the Beachwalk Cafe
  • The Outpost, in Convenience Store

You may also add funds using the Deposit Online service at the ID Card Services web site.

Printing Time

The high-quality Epson printers we use take about a minute per inch to print, except the 9600 which takes almost 4 minutes per inch. In addition, each job takes a few minutes to set up for printing to these devices, so don't expect to get your print from these devices in just a few minutes. This is especially true if you are not first in line. On days when assignments are due we are often quite busy, so be sure you place your order several hours before the work is due. If you are in a hurry, color laser prints are completed much more quickly.

Orders placed near the end of a work day may be delayed until the next day if there isn't time to print them that day.

Questions? Use our contact form or call the Print Center at (562) 985-5327.