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School of Art Gallery Guidelines for Exhibitors

Post-Exhibition Clean-up Responsibilities

  1. Remove all posted material such as labels and titles.
  2. Return Multimedia Equipment:
    1. Collect remote controls, power supplies, adapters, and any other small parts together, returning them to provided containers as appropriate.
    2. Place TVs in their blankets with the number up so it can be read on check-in.
    3. Return equipment to the Art Print Center by 6:30 PM on de-install day.
  3. Re-paint walls with white paint provided:
    1. Pull nails and spackle the holes:
      1. Pull out nails with the claw end of a hammer or pliers
      2. Apply a small amount of spackle (provided) with putty knife or your finger. Use only enough to fill the hole.
      3. Using a drop cloth to catch the dust, sand the spackle after it dries – usually 10-15 minutes - with sandpaper. DO NOT PAINT UNSANDED SPACKLE!
      4. Sweep and empty the trash in the dumpster in Lot 8A by Ceramics.
    2. Re-paint walls with white paint provided:
      1. Use a brush or roller with GALLERY WHITE PAINT ONLY.
      2. Students are not allowed to paint the walls with any paint other than gallery white paint.
      3. To block out stains, use only Kilz stain-blocking primer (you must purchase this at a paint/hardware store) before returning walls to the gallery white paint.
      4. Consult with the Gallery Coordinator if you encounter any problems.
    3. Clean up all equipment used:
      1. Return ladders, brushes, rollers, trays, putty knives pedestals, tools, etc., to the Gallery Coordinator.
      2. Sweep up and dispose of gallery/courtyard litter in the dumpsters by Lot 8A. Do not leave the gallery trash cans full and overflowing.
      3. Please leave the gallery as good of condition or better than you found it.
    4. Return Gallery Key:

      Thursday evening or Friday morning by 8 AM. Drop the key in the mail slot in the window of the School of Art Administrative Office (FA4-106).

    5. Deposit Check:

      If your gallery was found to be in good condition, you may pick up your Key Deposit check. Deposit checks will NOT be returned if you do not follow these gallery guidelines, including keeping your gallery open during the mandatory times and returning the key on time.

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