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School of Art Gallery Guidelines for Exhibitors

Exhibition Installation

*Double-sided tape is NOT to be used in the galleries under any circumstances

  1. Important Details:
    1. You MUST Contact the Gallery Coordinator, TWO weeks before your show to explain the layout of your show, and if you have any equipment needs or other needs (i.e. pedestals, etc.).
    2. Bring a friend to help you install your show. Although there have been no reports of incidents, you are advised to not work alone on evenings and weekends.
  2. Supplies and Equipment:
    1. Hanging Objects: Hanging objects from the gallery ceilings is allowed with prior permission from and consultation with the Gallery Coordinator. Hanging objects in the gallery courtyard is only allowed with prior written permission from the Graduate Advisor.
    2. Painting Walls and Pedestals: Painting the walls and pedestals with paint other than the gallery white that we provide is prohibited. There are assorted pedestals in storage. These may not be clean when you receive them. No oil based or glossy paint may be used on these items OR the gallery walls. Use ONLY the paint provided by the Gallery Coordinator. ALWAYS use drop cloths when painting.
    3. Multimedia Equipment: Check-out day is Friday. The Print Center is not open on weekends or over holidays, so it is recommended that multimedia equipment be checked out as early as possible on Friday and tested early enough to address technical issues before the Print Center closes at 2:00 PM.
    4. Tools and Materials: There are some tools available in the gallery storeroom, but it is advisable to bring your own tools and materials rather than to rely on the condition of gallery and department tools.
    5. Using School of Art Tools: Hand and power tools may be checked out from the School of Art Shop. A basic set of tools and supplies, which includes paint, paint roller, brush, spackle, etc., may be checked out from the Gallery Coordinator. Ladders are provided. USE ONLY THE ORANGE LADDERS OR ROLLING SCAFFOLDING FOR LIGHTING AND ALWAYS HAVE A SECOND PERSON WITH YOU WHEN ON A LADDER. Be prepared to furnish other hardware items yourself.
  3. Unconventional Gallery Use:
    1. If a student intends to use a gallery in an unconventional manner and/or in a manner that may impact surrounding spaces, he or she must confer with the Graduate Advisor first, before putting their plans into action. Examples of some things that would constitute an impact on surrounding spaces include fumes and noise. The Graduate Advisor must be consulted on any proposed use that would potentially and/or permanently impact floors, walls, doors or ceilings of the gallery before the student makes any changes to the space. This does not include impact that normally arises from hanging or placing work in these areas.

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