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School of Art Gallery Guidelines for Exhibitors


  1. Exhibition Title and Signage:

    You are responsible for your own gallery signage. Recommended, and most popular, are the peel-away type vinyl letters available in several colors at Kinko's or other office suppliers and similar but more professional ones available with the whole title as one piece, available from sign shops. Exhibition title and signage are part of the exhibition and should be discussed with your consulting faculty member.

  2. Exhibition Statement:

    Every exhibition must include a typed artist's statement. This statement may include acknowledgements. This statement is part of the exhibition and must be signed by a faculty member. The statement should be located at or near the gallery entrance, or multiple copies of the statement should be provided on a pedestal for visitors, faculty and students.

    1. Degree Required Shows: Every degree-required exhibition must have a clearly placed exhibition statement. It must identify the exhibitor and student status, such as a BFA Exhibition, MA or MFA Project Exhibition, etc. and be signed by the student’s faculty member or committee chair on a signature line following this statement: “I recommend that this exhibition satisfies a requirement for the ___ Degree” (BFA Degree / MFA Degree / MA Degree, etc.)
    2. Non-Degree shows must have a statement posted and signed by a faculty member.
    3. Non-Degree shows must have a statement of some sort signed by the faculty member.
  3. Exhibition Labels:

    You should clearly label all works in your exhibition or have a list available. Labels should display the title, medium, date and other information that would be interesting to your viewers. A sharp, black type font is suggested. It is most common to mount a label next to each piece, but you could also prepare a numbered list of works with a corresponding number next to each work. Multiple copies of the list should be provided for gallery visitors.

  4. Price Lists Prohibited

    Please note that these are not commercial galleries and do not post a price list nor put prices next to the works (except for the Annual Holiday Sale). You may, however, make note that "a price list is available on request" and where, i.e. by contacting the artist, etc.

  5. Exhibition Content and Student Responsibilities

    Students are encouraged to accept responsibility for their creative expression, and to consider the impact of this expression on members of the college campus and surrounding communities.

    While the School of Art encourages gallery exhibitors to explore their creative and expressive range, and honors and supports freedom of speech, exhibitors must understand that an exhibition in a CSULB School of Art Gallery is subject to and must be in compliance with CSULB Regulations for Campus Activities, Student Organizations, and the University Community available online at http://www.csulb/regs or

    Additionally, in cases where exhibitions contain potentially disturbing or offensive material, artists are encouraged to consider posting additional signage in consultation with the faculty member and the Graduate Advisor. These consultations should occur before 4pm on the Friday before the exhibition opening. The faculty member, Gallery Director, and/or School of Art Director may require the posting of additional signage with wording, design, and placement at their discretion.

    The following statement is posted at all gallery entrances. Students are responsible for ensuring that signs can be easily seen by visitors to the gallery. This signage may not be removed, altered, or obscured.

    School of Art Student Galleries

    The CSULB School of Art Galleries serve as venues for an exhibition program focused on work by current CSULB School of Art students and, occasionally, faculty, staff, alumni, or guest artists.

    Exhibitions may provoke diverse responses: wonder, appreciation, confusion, illumination, or irritation. Work may offend some viewers for reasons including nudity, violence, sexual activity or reference to race, religion, or politics. If controversy arises from display of a particular work of art, we welcome public discussion based on the conviction that such debate is an important function of art, particularly in the university context.

    Freedom of speech is a constitutional right. We defend both the artists’ right to create such work and the School of Art's right to display it. At the same time, works on display do not represent the views of the School of Art or CSULB.

    The artworks, exhibitions, and accompanying statements or texts in these galleries are the expressions and creative/intellectual products of their creators. Permission to photograph or reproduce anything on display in these galleries must be secured from the creator and/or holder of intellectual property rights.

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