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School of Art, Gallery Video Equipment

General Information

The School of Art maintains a collection of video equipment (projectors, TVs and disc players) for use in student exhibitions. This page describes the available equipment and the policies governing reservations and usage.

Available Equipment

The list below shows the equipment currently available for SOA Gallery Exhibition use. Bear in mind that availability of items on this list changes as reservations are made, and that though students may reserve more than one presentation set at a time, there are limits as to how many set-ups one student may reserve.

  • Two 50" 4K UHDTVs
  • Two 55" HDTVs
  • One 80" HDTV
  • Four 46" HDTVs
  • Five 40" HDTVs
  • Eight 32" HDTVs
  • Seven WUXGA Projectors (for Full HD [1920 x 1080] video only)
  • Five WXGA Projectors (720p or 1280 x 800 pixels)
  • Eight Western Digital TV Live USB Media Players
  • Four BluRay players
  • Five DVD players
  • Five pairs of bookshelf speakers
  • Ten pairs of headphones

Time Tables

  • Video equipment must be reserved in advance to be available for an exhibition.
  • Video equipment is available for check-out on installation day (Fridays) between 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM.
  • Video equipment must be returned by 6:30 PM on de-install day (Thursdays).


Applications for video equipment reservations may be made on the Reservation Form page. It is recommended that you reserve what you need well in advance. Bear in mind, however, that video equipment is prioritized toward School of Art Gallery Degree Exhibitions. It may be used for committee or class presentations or for other exhibitions and in program galleries when it is available, but priority is given to degree exhibitions. The order of priority is:

  1. MFA or BFA Gallery Exhibitions
  2. Non-degree Gallery Exhibitions
  3. Program Gallery Exhibitions
  4. Degree Committee Presentations
  5. Classroom Presentations

Reservations for video equipment must be made at least two weeks before an exhibition for the above priority policy to be in effect.

Usage Policies

  • The 50" 4K TVs are for 4K (2160p) video only.
  • The 80" and 55" TVs and the WUXGA projectors are for Full HD (1080p) video only.
  • AV equipment is not to leave the School of Art.
  • Checking out video gear over night is not permitted except when the gear is being used in a School of Art Gallery Exhibition. Video gear used for classroom presentations must be returned to the Print Center on the same day. Please reference the Print Center hours.
  • Testing projectors ahead of time is not generally permitted. Adjustments can normally be made on installation day. Only in certain circumstances is it allowed, and those must be approved in advance, on a case-by-case basis, by School of Art Technology Coordinator Pat Mullen.

Technical Notes

  • The manufacturer's suggested minimum viewing distance for the 80" HDTV is 25' (twenty five feet). Consider this if you plan to use this device in your show.
  • While 720p media is permitted on the smaller TVs, displaying low resolution content on them may yield poor quality results at short viewing distances (less than ten feet). The larger the TV, the more this will be the case. It is recommended that only 1080p (or higher) content be used with the larger TVs when viewing distances are short.
  • Most of the TVs can play video from USB flash drives. The best video format to use with these is an MP4 file containing H264 video at 30 fps, with a bitrate of 25 Mbps. The USB flash drive must be formatted as FAT, not exFAT. Be aware that the maximum file size on FAT media is 4GB.
  • Projectors should not be unplugged from A/C power until they have completed their cool-down cycle. If the fan is still on after the unit has been turned off then the cool-down cycle has not completed. Please wait until all fans are off before unplugging a projector from the wall. Failure to do this can destroy the lamp (these cost between $250 and $400 each).

Questions? Call the Print Center during regular hours at (562) 985-5327, or use the contact form.