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CSULB Lecturer Michael Parker in Pop-Up exhibition at Palm Springs Art Museum

Posted on May 4, 2017 by School of Art

michaelparker ides archThe Pop-Up Studio at Palm Springs Art Museum presents “The Ides: Radical Cartography” which brings together an exhibition and workshop series for the multi-decade project, ‘The Ides”, by Michael Parker. The exhibition, uses as its foundation the 2016 sculpture “The Ides (arch du triumph) mapped by Vi Ha.”  This first large scale arch in the series, which framed the Port of Los Angeles over the past year, has been cut and reconfigured into inverted plinths to present the next phase of the work: thirty-nine new sets of gestural ceramic sculptures with corresponding robotically carved foam replicas. The replicas are the basis for mixed media sculptures interpreted by collaborators, referred to by Parker as Radical Cartographers. They will attempt to translate each sculptural intervention into future full scale sculptures that frame systems of power.

The Triumphal Arch, originally a sign of conquest flaunting technological and military dominance, is transformed into a collaborative attempt to understand how power and inequality manifest in landscapes. “Radical cartography” takes that power of mapping from the hierarchy and offers it to the less powerful. The workshops and performances for The Ides will address technological advancement: mapping, the hand-made and artificial intelligence. Presented along with the installation is a video that connects robotics, automation and labor disputes in the early 21st Century as bellwethers for naming and framing the “new Empire of Things.”


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