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Eve Mansdorf – April 8, 2015

Posted on April 1, 2015 by School of Art

painting of a backyard scene in summer“I work primarily on large figure paintings that are somewhat autobiographical and metaphoric in content and still life paintings that are done from observation. I see the figure paintings and the still lifes as interrelated- the same objects will make appearances in different paintings and contribute to the conversation between the paintings. I am interested in arrangement, context and paint itself as a conveyor of sensate experience. I feel that, as a painter, these are the things I to manipulate,” says artist Eve Mansdorf.

“The large figure paintings are conceived from imagination but are based in real life experience and location. The paintings are primarily domestic interiors, usually of couples or single figures. I am interested the nude figure as subject matter and strive to find a pretext for using it other than in the strictly perceptual mode of the model in a studio. Usually the paintings focus on male/female relationships as I see this as a way of exploring identity and sexuality.” Ms. Mansdorf got her MFA from Brooklyn College and shows at Galerie Henoch in New York.


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